About Us

Dakksh Decor LLP is a company based in Kolkata, West Bengal in India. Since its inception, the company has been a trendsetter and important benchmark for the Plywood and Block board market in respect of its quality, longevity, commitment to environment-friendliness and also its high ethical standards in business dealings.

The company deals in different categories of originally manufactured first hand wood products like plywood, block board, veneer, flush door, laminates, louvers etc. All our products are made from high-quality forest trees and we give profound importance to the eco-friendliness of our products.

Committed to advancement and innovation, we constantly look for the means to refashion ourselves and reset to modern standards of quality. Our focus on connecting desires and our class products keeps us at the forefront of the market!

At Dakksh Decor LLP, we provide solutions for all your building needs - we make it possible to turn your dream design into reality.

We have the right products to target different building needs, ranging from household to buildings to construction and projects. We are guided by a simple philosophy of adding more value-for-money products and at the same time, improving upon our existing product portfolio through extensive research and customer feedback.

We give you a million of reasons to choose us as your interior designing partner! The optimum quality of products, prices that fit your budget, the appearance that delights your visitors, and the guarantees with which you can invest with us, all is offered interactively to you and many others.


Quality Excellence: We always strive to produce plywood, veneer and all our products of the highest quality, meeting or exceeding industry standards, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Integrity and Ethics: We always aim to commence business with honesty, transparency, and ethical practices in all interactions with customers, suppliers, and employees.

Customer-Centric Approach: We always put the needs and preferences of customers at the center of all business decisions. We actively seek feedback to improve products and services.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: We always commit to environmentally friendly practices, such as responsible sourcing of raw materials, reducing waste, and promoting eco-friendly products.

Innovation and Adaptability: We embrace innovation, staying ahead of industry trends. We continuously improve production processes and product offerings.

Safety and Compliance: We Prioritize the safety of employees and customers by adhering to strict safety standards and regulatory requirements.

Long-Term Relationships: Our intention is to create long term relationships with our stakeholders. We build strong and lasting relationships with customers, suppliers, and business partners based on trust, reliability, and mutual benefit.